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BIM: what’s in it for me as a client

More and more architects, engineers and contractors turn to BIM for the design and realisation of their construction projects. What consequences does this imply for the client? Does this mainly result in extra costs or will the client too greatly benefit from BIM? And what are the consequences for the division of tasks within the construction team?

* BIM demands transparency, a sense of responsibility and discipline. All administrative habits that do not produce knowledge should be thrown out. This presentation shows how this is implemented in the replacement building of the hospital AZ St Maarten in Mechelen.
Speaker: Peggy Bovens – Bouwdata

* BIM is building twice: one time virtually, one time in real life. An intelligent 3D model of all aspects of complex buildings and installations, reducing the error rate and making instant budget management possible.
Speakers: Kevin Coeymans & Marijn Degerickx (Q-Bus Architectenbureau)


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