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Undeep geothermal energy

By 2020, all buildings will have to be almost energy neutral. The WTCB and various research institutions see quite some salvation in undeep geothermal energy. The energy that is continuously present in the upper earth crust is then efficiently used for smart cooling and heating of buildings. How does this work and for which projects is undeep geothermal energy feasible or not feasible?

* As from 2020, each new building must be nearly zero energy. The perfect way to fulfil a large part of the remaining heating and cooling needs is the application of geothermal energy. During this session, you will get an overview of the technology and its applications.
Speaker: Luc François – WTCB

* The main issues and advantages of GEOTABS buildings illustrated with some examples from practice.
Speaker: Thomas Bockelandt – Studiebureau Boydens

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