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Wood construction also for non-residential buildings

The time that wood construction was limited to private houses based on a wood framework is over. Wood is being increasingly used in company buildings, schools and offices and also allows for high-rise buildings. On the basis of a number of cases, we explain what is and what is not possible with wood in non-residential construction.

* Focus areas regarding timber in non-residential construction: potential wood products for non-residential buildings, technical details, standardization and other aspects of timber construction illustrated with a number of striking examples.
Speaker: Joris Dehennin – Houtinfobois

* Timber frame construction increasingly has to make space for CLT (Cross Laminated Timber) in larger and non-residential projects. CLT is an innovative construction method that leads to innovative architecture, etc. A practical example in the form of the construction of 2 full timber auditoriums for HoGent.
Speaker: Robby Delobelle – Architecten Delobelle

* Timber frame walls and façade cladding for the Leopoldtoren reconversion project: the office building Leopoldtoren in Evere is being transformed into around 200 residential units. Only the concrete support structure is maintained. The entire outer shell was stripped and fitted with new façade elements based on the principle of timber frame construction.
Speaker: Pieter De Bruycker – Sibomat


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